What Religion Is Barack Obama? A Complete Guide About The Religion Of Barack Obama

Barack Obama was the 44th president of the United States, serving from 2009 to 2017. He was the first African American president in U.S. history.

Obama’s religious background and beliefs have been a source of public interest and scrutiny during his political career. Understanding the religious influences in his life provides insight into his worldview and policy positions.

Obama’s Family Background

Obama’s father, Barack Obama Sr., was raised in a Muslim family in Kenya, though he later became an atheist. His mother, Ann Dunham, was from Kansas and had Baptist and Methodist roots, though she was not religious.

Obama’s parents separated when he was two years old and divorced later. His mother remarried to Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian Muslim, and the family lived in Jakarta from 1967 to 1971. Obama had a secular upbringing during these early childhood years.

Obama’s Later Religious Influences

As a young man, Obama explored his religious identity. He attended services at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago beginning in 1988.

The church had an African American pastor, Jeremiah Wright, and a vision of social justice aligned with the black liberation theology movement. Obama was baptized at this church in his late 20s as he became more involved in community organizing and inner-city ministry.

Is Barack Obama Muslim?

There have been misconceptions that Obama is secretly Muslim. Several factors likely contribute to this myth:

  • Obama’s paternal family background is Muslim. His Arabic middle name “Hussein” added to this misconception.
  • His attendance at a madrassa (Islamic school) in Indonesia as a child.
  • False claims that he took his oath of office on the Quran instead of the Bible.
  • His attempts as president to improve relations between America and the Muslim world.

Despite these circumstantial factors, there is no real evidence that Obama ever practiced Islam. By all accounts, he has been a practicing Christian for most of his adult life.

Obama’s Statements on his Christian Faith

As president, Obama spoke openly about his Christian faith:

  • At annual National Prayer Breakfasts, he often shared how his Christian beliefs shaped his views on social justice and care for the poor.
  • He stated his belief that “Jesus Christ dying for my sins spoke to the humility we all have to have as human beings.”
  • He said that worshipping Jesus Christ as his lord and savior was a source of guidance and sustenance in his life.

Obama made it clear that his Christian faith was very meaningful, even if some disagreed with interpretations and applications of that faith.

Barack Obama and the United Church of Christ

The United Church of Christ (UCC) is a mainline Protestant Christian denomination with roots in Congregationalist churches. It has a relatively liberal theology and progressive social views. Some of its beliefs and positions:

  • It ordains female pastors and affirms LGBTQ rights.
  • It supports environmentalism and economic justice causes.
  • It opposes abortion restrictions and the death penalty.
  • It takes liberal positions on controversial issues like same-sex marriage.

This relatively liberal expression of Christianity aligned with Obama’s social and political philosophies.

Obama’s Relationship with Jeremiah Wright

Obama’s pastor at Trinity UCC was Jeremiah Wright, a controversial figure due to inflammatory sermons that surfaced in 2008. Some of Wright’s controversial statements included:

  • Accusing the U.S. government of racism and terrorism against minorities.
  • Suggesting the 9/11 attacks were payback for U.S misdeeds.
  • Using inflammatory language about America and white society.

Wright had been Obama’s spiritual mentor, married him to Michelle Obama, and baptized his daughters. But Obama denounced Wright’s divisive rhetoric during his first presidential campaign.

Parting Ways with the Denomination

By 2009, the controversy surrounding Jeremiah Wright and Trinity UCC strained Obama’s relationship with the denomination. He and his family eventually parted ways with Trinity and have not regularly attended UCC services as president, though he has spoken at UCC gatherings.

Does Barack Obama Believe in God?

As a member of the very liberal United Church of Christ, some have wondered whether Obama’s Christian faith includes traditional doctrines like the divinity of Jesus and the existence of God.

Obama has made numerous statements affirming his belief in God:

  • At a 2004 debate, he spoke of “walking humbly with our God” in making policy decisions.
  • In his 2006 book The Audacity of Hope, he wrote “I believe in the redemptive death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.”
  • In a 2012 speech, he said “It’s only because I know that God has a larger purpose that I know anything I do is worthwhile.”

So while Obama’s Christian faith leans left socially and politically, he appears to affirm central tenets of Christianity like the divinity of Jesus and a personal God.

Barack Obama on Other Religions

While a practicing Christian himself, Obama has consistently reached out to other faiths. Some examples:

  • Islam: As president, Obama spoke out against anti-Muslim rhetoric and policies. He made efforts to improve relations between America and the Islamic world.
  • Judaism: Obama had Jewish mentors growing up and has spoken about the Judeo-Christian values that shaped America. He maintained strong ties with Jewish communities and Israel.
  • Hinduism and Buddhism: Obama valued interfaith dialogue and said that Hindus and Buddhists have profoundly shaped his worldview and life philosophy.

Though rooted in his Christian beliefs, Obama saw truth and virtue in other faiths as well. His religious inclusiveness aligned with his role as president of a diverse nation.

Conclusion: The Complexity of Obama’s Faith

In summary, Barack Obama identifies as a Christian, specifically within the United Church of Christ tradition during his time in Chicago. This liberal Christian background shaped his social and political philosophy.

Accusations that he is secretly Muslim have no real basis. As president, he maintained his Christian identity while respecting and dialoguing with other faiths. Like most people, Obama’s faith shows complexity and evolution across his life experience. But his Christian identity and worldview seem genuine and thoughtful.

Key Points About Obama’s Religious Background

  • He was raised in a secular home by a Christian mother and Muslim father.
  • He converted to Christianity as an adult and became involved in the United Church of Christ.
  • He affirms core Christian doctrines like God and Jesus’ divinity though leans left politically.
  • False claims persist of Obama being secretly Muslim, but he identifies as Christian.
  • He respects other religions and sought interfaith dialogue as president.

FAQs About Barack Obama’s Religion

Was Obama sworn in on the Quran?

No, this is a persistent myth. Obama used Bibles belonging to President Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. at his two inaugurations.

What church did Barack Obama attend?

Obama attended Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago from 1988 until 2008. The church is part of the United Church of Christ denomination and had a black liberation theology influence.

When was Barack Obama baptized?

Obama was baptized at Trinity United Church of Christ sometime in his late 20s as he became more involved in community activism in Chicago.

Does Barack Obama pray?

Yes, Obama says he has a daily prayer life and that prayer and reflection on God’s word helps sustain him. He has spoken openly about the importance of prayer and his Christian faith.

What exactly does Barack Obama believe as a Christian?

While politically liberal, Obama affirms core Christian beliefs like Jesus’ divinity and resurrection, the reality of sin, the role of grace, and the existence of God as evidenced in his writings and speeches.


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