What Religion is Dallas Jenkins?

Dallas Jenkins is a cutting edge Christian filmmaker known for projects ranging from The Chosen series to The Resurrection of Gavin Stone. With Bible-themed films sweeping mainstream success lately, some have asked – what religion is Dallas Jenkins?

A “Preacher’s Kid” Upbringing

From an early age, Dallas Jenkins was fully immersed in evangelical Christianity, largely due to his pastor father’s huge influence. This provided life-shaping experiences critical to his current profession.

Son of Megachurch Visionary

Famed pastor Jerry Jenkins helped found Chicago’s Moody Church in 1960. He went on to pastor another megachurch he grew to over 10,000 attendees by 2001 for over 30 years.

“Dad was my hero”

As a self-described “preacher’s kid” or “PK”, Dallas and siblings trailed their pastor father constantly being exposed to behind-the-scenes ministry workings throughout childhood.

Impacts on Film Calling

The creative DNA clearly runs in the family based on his father’s near legendary writing career as author behind the massively popular Left Behind novels about biblical apocalyptic prophecy.

With a birds eye view into the evangelical machinery during formative years, Dallas gained key insights for how to compellingly dramatize Bible stories for maximum cultural impact through mass media.

Transforming Pushback into Vision

While Dallas originally went the expected pastoral route entering the Moody Bible Institute, pivotal personal experiences later crystallized his unexpected professional trajectory back into the family business but with an unconventional film industry twist.

Dropping out of Seminary

Jenkins candidly shares he flamed out of graduate seminary studies after feeling confined by theological structures. Religious figures offering guidance at the time reacted harshly warning him chasing Hollywood aspirations could only lead to sin and damnation.

God Encounter Sparks Clarity

But then Jenkins claims having a direct divine encounter confirming his artistic gifts should be maximized reaching the masses – not minimized into traditional ministry.

“God overwhelmed me with very specific instruction…I was not walking away from the faith but into the center of His will for my life.”

This prophetic certainty became the genesis for Jenkins’ reverse path into filmmaking fusing creativity with core convictions instead.

Trailblazing “Christian Cinema”

Dallas Jenkins stands at entertainment’s bleeding edge redefining faith-based programming for both streaming and theatrical blockbuster disruption.

Pure Flix Partnership

Jenkins collaboratively works with David A.R. White who founded faith film studio “Pure Flix” in 2005 specializing in family messaging aligned with conservative Christian values.

Their banner releases target underserved evangelical audiences hungry for content reinforcing biblical principles and worldviews opposed to Hollywood’s output.

Breakout Success – The Chosen

Jenkins served as co-writer/director driving Pure Flix’s TV adaptation about Jesus called The Chosen across three record shattering seasons on streaming and apps so far.

This global phenomenon shattered crowdfunding records raising over $40 million directly from viewers. By offering episodes for free and utilizing grassroots social media marketing, The Chosen accrued well over 400 million total episode views from devoted fans spanning over 100 countries.

Jenkins keeps engaging various creative formats like upcoming feature films, potentially additional shows, nationwide immersive events and varied distribution channels all pointing back to the transformative Gospel accounts.

Unapologetic Evangelical Persuasion

Unlike most Hollywood content creators avoiding public stances, Jenkins openly identifies as a staunch evangelical weaving overt Gospel messaging overtly into programming by design to persuade viewers evaluating truth claims.

Explicit Gospel Focus

Interviews highlight how Jenkins expressly crafts stories accentuating biblical principles for faith affirmation and to prompt deeper audience consideration regarding Jesus’ historical revolution and present call for life devotion as divine Son of God.

“Media should move you closer to the heart of Jesus…not just entertain passively.”

Targeted Marketing

Jenkins strategically cultivates evangelical alliances across American churches, faith conferences and institutional networks deliberately enlisting believers as brand devotees.

Compared to big studios chasing mass general entertainment dollars, Pure Flix under Jenkins hug a niche base guaranteeing loyal communal turnout inspiring members to invest collective identity in content elevating shared beliefs.

Impassioned Messaging

When engaging news media, Jenkins doubles down proclaiming the Gospel unfiltered at every chance. He argues candle-sticking Christian orthodoxy in stories serves redeeming purpose even if riling critics accusing their creations of rode proselytizing.

“The Gospel shakes the very foundation of darkness apart from Christ”

For Jenkins, unapologetic evangelistic communication remains central, not incidental, to maximizing reach positioned for transformation aligned with eternal rather than transient values.

Reshaping Pop Culture Landscape

Leveraging Hollywood production sheen with grassroots Christian channeling at scale, Jenkins’ ascendant imprint makes faith overtly mainstream after decades of marginalized or caricatured portrayal.

Competing with Secular Dominance

Despite America identifying as highly religious population, entertainment historically minimized overt religious references unless portraying Christianity through stereotypical judgmental hypocrisy lenses.

Yet Jenkins demonstrates evangelism and artistic excellence synthesize commercially thanks embracing technical craft manship equally matching secular counterparts.

“The Holy Spirit needs no box office help when matched with Spirit-led excellence.”

This two-handed separate but equal embrace Human and divine convergence captures lightning in a bottle.

Impacting Atmospherics

As the chosen breaks records, industry observers credit Jenkins for single-handedly revolutionizing attitudes around faith-forward entertainment.

He paved pathways for Bible-inspired projects securing green lights and A-list collaborations as studios now race replicating runaway commercial phenomena realizing huge swaths crave inspirational content.

Indeed, The Chosen aftershocks register projected intensification as Hollywood course corrects towards compassion and redemption themes reflecting hunger for messages of meaning and hope against nihilism’s encroaching cultural creep.


In assessing Dallas Jenkins’ backstory, current success and aims moving forward, his evangelical influences remain impossible separating from either personal identity or professional output as pure reflection. Some key takeaways:

  • His mega-church rearing germinated creative orientation from young age
  • Divine encounters provide ongoing vision for maximal impact
  • Jenkins imbues all projects with Gospel essence without compromise
  • He explicitly markets using evangelical networks and messaging
  • Yet pushes creative boundaries securing mainstream commercial viability

So despite his denominational affiliation passing unstated publicly, Dallas Jenkins undoubtedly lives and breathes New Testament scriptural foundations with staunch evangelistic Jesus-centric urgency. Simply put, Jenkins by choice, calling and witness centres everything around expressing divine Gospel revelations tailored for contemporary resonance. No evidence whatsoever suggests he follows anything except evangelical Protestant expressions of Christianity exclusively both on and off screen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To conclude this deep look at Dallas Jenkins’ faith within the entertainment space, here are answers addressing additional top questions searchers have regarding how his evangelical religion intersects with his filmmaking:

Would Jenkins ever portray Jesus in more secularized or ecumenical ways to appease skeptics?

No. While aiming for relatable stories highlighting Jesus’ humanity and emotions, he refuses ever watering down miracles central to orthodox theology around Christ’s dual nature as both fully God/human simultaneously. Jenkins remains committed to upholding divine attributes critical for Gospel accuracy.

What Christian church community is Jenkins actively part of today?

Details are unclear on his exact church membership. But Jenkins self-describes as a non-denominational evangelical guided by the Bible over any extra structures. Records suggest his family attended Willow Creek megachurch previously led by Bill Hybels who since exited over abuse scandal.

Why does Jenkins utterly ignore the Left Behind book/film legacy his Dad became most famous for?

Jenkins claims to focus solely on dramatizing the actual Gospel accounts using historical fiction techniques rather than speculative prophecy. This suggests wariness over previous adaptations losing mainstream impact by leaning too heavily into Revelation eschatology alienating secular viewers unwilling to suspend disbelief.

Would Jenkins be willing to donate project profits to charity versus personal wealth gain?

Yes and he already does! Media reports that Jenkins directed over $25 million raised for The Chosen projects back into the production company aiming for long-term sustainability. He clarifies having no desire hoarding riches privately but fueling ongoing efforts spreading the Gospel message to the ends of the earth efficiently.

What is Jenkins’ self-proclaimed mission statement guiding his career?

“To inspire a global audience to have a personal, transformational encounter with the Gospel message of profound love and redemption by harnessing creativity anchored in orthodox theology.”

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