What Religion is Lisa Marie Presley?

Lisa Marie Presley is the only child of the late legendary singer Elvis Presley. She was born in 1968 and grew up in Graceland, Elvis’s famous Memphis estate.

Over the years, there has been much speculation and curiosity regarding Lisa Marie’s religious beliefs and practices. This article will explore Lisa Marie Presley’s religious background and the faith traditions she has been associated with over her life.

Lisa Marie’s Early Religious Influences

Elvis and Gladys Presley’s Faith

Lisa Marie was born to Elvis and Priscilla Presley in 1968. Her early life was defined by the religious beliefs of her parents.

Elvis Presley was raised in a Pentecostal Christian household. His mother Gladys was a devout Pentecostal who made sure Elvis attended church and youth groups. As a child, Elvis attended the Assembly of God church, a Pentecostal denomination.

As an adult, Elvis did not exclusively belong to one church. He was known to attend various Christian denominations including Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, and Pentecostal. Elvis remained deeply spiritual throughout his life.

Life at Graceland

Lisa Marie spent her early childhood at Graceland in Memphis with her parents. Though Elvis did not adhere to one doctrine, Christianity and faith still played a large role at Graceland.

Lisa Marie grew up surrounded by Bible studies, gospel singings, and visits from Christian clergy who were Elvis’s friends. The lifestyle at Graceland reflected Elvis’s relationship with spirituality at the time.

Table 1: Early religious influences in Lisa Marie’s life

Religious InfluenceDetails
Elvis PresleyRaised Pentecostal Christian, attended Assembly of God church
Gladys PresleyDevout Pentecostal Christian
Life at GracelandSurrounded by Bible studies, gospel music, visits from Christian clergy

Lisa Marie’s Baptism and Marriage in the Church of Scientology

In her teens, Lisa Marie was introduced to the Church of Scientology by her mother Priscilla. This marked a major shift in her religious affiliation to the controversial sect:

Becoming a Scientologist

When Priscilla Presley became a Scientologist in the 1970s, she also enrolled Lisa Marie in Scientology programs as a child.

At the age of 13, Lisa Marie became fully committed to Scientology. She decided to become a formal member of the Church.

Scientology Wedding to Danny Keough

In 1988, Lisa Marie married musician Danny Keough in a Scientology ceremony. High-ranking Scientology officials conducted the marriage ritual based on L. Ron Hubbard’s teachings.

Lisa Marie’s wedding solidified her position as a second-generation Scientologist. Her marriage brought her further into the inner circles of Scientology leadership.

Leaving the Church

In the 1990s, Lisa Marie began distancing herself from Scientology. She formally resigned her membership in the Church in 2006.

Lisa Marie cited problems with Scientology’s teaching methods as one reason for her departure. She sought to maintain her individual spirituality outside organized religion.

Table 2: Lisa Marie’s time with Scientology

Becoming a ScientologistEnrolled by Priscilla as a child, joined formally at 13
Marriage to Danny KeoughScientology ceremony conducted by church officials
Leaving the ChurchResigned membership in 2006 due to issues with the church

Exploring Different Faiths and Practices

After leaving Scientology, Lisa Marie pursued a more open-ended spiritual journey:

Protestant Christianity

Lisa Marie returned to her Christian roots in the 1990s by getting baptized in a Southern Baptist church. She identified as a Protestant Christian for many years.


In the late 1990s, Lisa Marie briefly studied the Mormon faith when she lived in Utah. She even enrolled her children in a local Mormon church’s youth programs.


Lisa Marie’s marriage to musician Michael Jackson from 1994 to 1996 exposed her to Judaism. Jackson’s family had become Jewish when he was a child.

During their marriage, Lisa Marie studied Kabbalah, a form of Jewish mysticism. However, she did not fully convert to Judaism.

Hinduism and Meditation

More recently, Lisa Marie has embraced Eastern spirituality. She practices Hindu-based meditation along with her mother Priscilla.

Lisa Marie has visited India multiple times and incorporated Hindu philosophy into her lifestyle. However, she has not declared herself a Hindu.

Table 3: Various faiths and practices Lisa Marie has explored

Protestant ChristianityBaptized in a Southern Baptist church in 1990s
MormonismStudied Mormon faith and enrolled kids in Mormon programs for a time
JudaismExposed to Kabbalah during marriage to Michael Jackson
Hinduism and MeditationPractices Hindu meditation, incorporates aspects of Hindu philosophy

Lisa Marie Presley’s Religious Views Today

Currently, Lisa Marie Presley describes herself as non-denominational Christian:

Spiritual But Not Religious

In interviews, Lisa Marie has said she believes in God and Jesus Christ but does not align with a specific church or religion. She has an eclectic personal spirituality.

Christianity as Her Foundation

While open to other faiths, Lisa Marie still identifies most closely with Christianity, citing her Baptist upbringing as her core spiritual foundation.

Less Focus on Organized Religion

Lisa Marie focuses more on her individual relationship with God rather than organized worship services. She prays and seeks guidance on her own path.

Participation in Christian Events

Though not a formal member, Lisa Marie still occasionally participates in Christian conferences and concerts. She also releases gospel albums.

Lisa Marie rejects rigid doctrine but holds onto a Christian-based spirituality guided by her own intuition. Her beliefs reflect a patchwork of the many faiths she has encountered.

Table 4: Summary of Lisa Marie’s current religious views

Current ViewsDetails
Spiritual But Not ReligiousDoes not align with a specific church but believes in God
Christianity as Her FoundationIdentifies most with her Christian upbringing
Less Focus on Organized ReligionSeeks individual relationship with God rather than organized worship
Participation in Christian EventsAttends some conferences and releases gospel music


In summary, Lisa Marie Presley has had a winding religious journey reflecting the diverse spiritual influences she encountered growing up as Elvis Presley’s daughter in the public eye.

Though baptized as a teen into the controversial Church of Scientology and briefly exploring other faiths like Mormonism, Lisa Marie’s formative years at Graceland rooted her most firmly in the Christian tradition.

Today she is not aligned with any single doctrine or organized worship but holds an eclectic personal spirituality centered on belief in God and Jesus Christ. Lisa Marie rejects rigid religion in favor of maintaining a flexible connection to the divine on her own terms.

Her openness to explore beyond her fundamentalist Christian upbringing reflects a desire to incorporate diverse perspectives into her relationship with spirituality. However the pull of her early religious background still remains a strong force in her life.

While not fitting neatly into one label, Lisa Marie Presley’s faith journey exemplifies the complexity of defining personal belief systems that evolve over a lifetime of spiritual seeking. Her religion remains an intensely individual work in progress.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lisa Marie Presley’s Religion

What church was Lisa Marie Presley raised in?

Lisa Marie was raised surrounded by Pentecostal Christian influences at Graceland due to her father Elvis’ religious background. However, she was not part of a specific organized church growing up.

What religion were Lisa Marie and Danny married in?

Lisa Marie and Danny Keough were married in a ceremony officiated by the Church of Scientology in 1988. Both were practicing Scientologists at the time.

When did Lisa Marie leave Scientology?

After becoming disillusioned with the church’s methods, Lisa Marie formally resigned her Scientology membership in 2006.

Did Lisa Marie convert to Hinduism?

No, Lisa Marie has not fully converted to Hinduism. However, she practices Hindu-based meditation and incorporates aspects of Hindu philosophy into her spiritual life.

What church is Lisa Marie a member of now?

Currently Lisa Marie does not claim formal membership in any organized religion. She identifies most closely with a general Protestant Christian spirituality but is not part of a specific church.

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