What Religion Is Princess Eugenie?

Princess Eugenie of York is a member of the British royal family as the younger daughter of Prince Andrew, Duke of York, and Sarah, Duchess of York. Her current religion and spiritual beliefs have been a point of interest for many who follow the royal family.

This article will comprehensively examine Princess Eugenie’s religious background, upbringing, wedding, and other details to understand what religion she currently follows or associates with.

Princess Eugenie’s Upbringing and Family Religion

The Church of England

As a granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, who is the Supreme Governor of the Church of England, Princess Eugenie was baptized into the Church of England as an infant in 1990 at St Mary Magdalene Church. The Church of England has been the official established Christian church of England since the 16th century Protestant Reformation.

The British royal family has traditionally followed and associated with the Church of England for centuries. Princess Eugenie’s parents, the Duke and Duchess of York, were also married in the Church of England at Westminster Abbey in 1986.

So Princess Eugenie was raised in the Anglican faith and its traditions as a member of the royal family. However, the extent to which she actively practices or identifies with the Church of England as an independent adult has been more ambiguous.

Boarding School

For her formal education, Princess Eugenie attended St George’s School near Windsor Castle. The Church of England boarding school has daily chapel services rooted in Anglican traditions.

Attending the boarding school reinforced Princess Eugenie’s upbringing in the established church, but she has not been known to be strongly devout in her adult years.

The Royal Wedding

Princess Eugenie married Jack Brooksbank on October 12, 2018, at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. The royal wedding ceremony followed Anglican church traditions, including Bible readings and hymns.

Having the high-profile royal wedding in the Church of England again associated Princess Eugenie with her Anglican background. However, some speculate it may have simply been out of expectation and tradition rather than personal devout religious belief.

Religious Views of Her Parents

Princess Eugenie’s parents Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson separated when she was young, potentially contributing to a less stringent religious upbringing.

Her father Prince Andrew was said to regularly attend church with the Queen as part of his royal duties. Sarah Ferguson grew up more actively involved with the Church of England but has indicated spiritual openness to other faiths such as Buddhism and Hinduism later in life.

So while the Church of England featured prominently in Princess Eugenie’s young life, strong personal religious views may not have been enforced upon her compared to previous generations of royals.

Princess Eugenie’s Adult Religious Beliefs

Spiritual Interests

In her adulthood, Princess Eugenie appears to have cultivated some broader spiritual interests beyond the traditional Church of England. In 2013, she moved to New York City to work for the online auction firm Paddle8.

During this time, she expressed interest in the Kabbalah Centre, an organization that teaches a mystical offshoot of Judaism. She was reportedly given private tours of the center by Madonna, a fellow follower of the teachings.

This curiosity suggests Princess Eugenie has been open to exploring faith beyond her default Anglican roots. However, she does not seem to closely identify with any particular alternative religion or denomination.

Charitable Causes

Princess Eugenie has been involved in charitable causes that touch on various religious values, but do not align her with any specific faith. For example, she is an ambassador for the Teenage Cancer Trust, which promotes a mission rooted in kindness and dignity for all, regardless of background.

She is also a patron of the Elephant Family, highlighting animal rights across religions. And she supports the Coronet Theater, a venue known for inclusion, diversity, and accessibility beyond discrimination based on beliefs.

So in her philanthropy, Princess Eugenie advocates for universal human values more than any particular theology.

Interfaith Exchange

In 2016, Princess Eugenie accompanied her mother Sarah Ferguson to a three-day interfaith event organized by the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Germany. Leaders from Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism spoke on themes of mercy, compassion, and forgiveness.

This unique interreligious experience indicates Princess Eugenie respects the shared values connecting all major faiths, rather than adhering to just one set of doctrines. However, it does not confirm she identifies as an actively practicing member of any specific religion herself.

Vague References

When directly discussing her own faith, Princess Eugenie has largely given polite but vague answers typical of many modern young royals. In her engagement interview with BBC in 2018, she stated, “It means so much to me, and to share this with everybody and Eugenie and Jack are going to be so happy together and I think on days like ― on beautiful days like today, you can just see everything coming into place.”

Some interpreted this as a reference to a divine plan, but she did not elaborate on any particular religious perspective. Instead, she seems to acknowledge and respect the spiritual backgrounds of others more than making direct statements about her own beliefs.

Details of Princess Eugenie’s Wedding

Princess Eugenie’s royal wedding to Jack Brooksbank in October 2018 contained many symbolic references to her family’s Anglican Christian roots while also incorporating some modern multifaith elements.


The ceremony was held at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, a historic church of great importance to the Church of England. It reinforced her family’s long-standing ties to the Anglican faith.


The music consisted of traditional Christian hymns like “Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken” alongside a gospel choir singing uplifting spiritual songs like “This Little Light of Mine.”


The Dean of Windsor did a formal reading from the Anglican Book of Common Prayer while Eugenie’s sister Princess Beatrice read a passage about love from The Great Gatsby novel.


Eugenie wore a traditional ivory gown with symbols of wheat representing fertility and life sewn into the shoulder, along with a emerald tiara borrowed from her grandmother Queen Elizabeth II.


The floral displays of pale pink and white roses, hydrangeas, and berry branches by celebrity florist Rob Van Helden included traditional English garden flowers mixed with more exotic ones like orchids and lilies.


The diverse guest list of approximately 850 people included representatives of other faiths beyond the Church of England, such as a Hindu temple president and Eugenie’s friend and inspiration Erin Hills, a woman of Zulu heritage.

By incorporating broader symbolic meaning into traditional Anglican elements, Eugenie allowed for a respectful interfaith understanding to shine through on her special day.


In review, while Princess Eugenie of York was baptized and confirmed in the Anglican Church of England established by her royal British family, she does not appear to be a devout, practicing member strictly adhering to its doctrines today.

Her interfaith exchanges and philanthropic endeavors promoting universal human dignity demonstrate an openness to all beliefs. However, she undoubtedly maintains respect for her heritage and Anglican ceremonies for events like her royal wedding. In the future, she will probably maintain a similar balance of tradition and flexibility regarding religious instruction for her own children.

Ultimately, as an independent young woman of the 21st century, Princess Eugenie seems to walk a middle ground when it comes to institutional faith, neither rejecting nor fully embracing any one creed. Her evolving spiritual life remains an individual journey grounded in both her upbringing and personal growth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Princess Eugenie’s Religion

What religion was Princess Eugenie raised as?

Princess Eugenie was baptized and raised in the Church of England, the official church of the British royal family. She attended Anglican services while growing up.

What religion did Princess Eugenie get married in?

Princess Eugenie had a traditional Church of England royal wedding at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle in 2018. The Anglican service included Christian prayers, hymns, and readings.

Does Princess Eugenie practice religion actively today?

Princess Eugenie does not seem to regularly attend Anglican services as an actively devout member of the Church of England anymore. However, she respects her family’s faith traditions at events like weddings.

Has Princess Eugenie shown interest in other religions besides the Church of England?

Yes, Princess Eugenie has explored spiritual ideas like Kabbalah while living in New York and participated in an interfaith conference in Germany. She is open-minded to beliefs beyond her Anglican upbringing.

What religion will Princess Eugenie raise her children in?

It is likely Princess Eugenie would baptize her children and teach them some Anglican traditions, as royal custom. But she would probably also expose them to a diversity of faiths and allow them to choose their own path.


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