What Religion is Rishi Sunak’s Wife Akshata Murty?

Rishi Sunak, the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, is married to Akshata Murty. There has been much interest around the religious background of Akshata Murty and how that impacts Rishi Sunak’s premiership.

In this comprehensive article, we will explore Akshata Murty’s religion and the implications it has for Rishi Sunak.

Akshata Murty’s Religion

She is a Practicing Hindu

Akshata Murty was born in India to a Hindu family. Her father is Indian billionaire N. R. Narayana Murthy, the founder of IT company Infosys. The Murthy family belongs to the Gaud Saraswat Brahmin community, which is part of the larger Hindu Brahmin caste. They originate from the Konkan region in western India.

The Gaud Saraswat Brahmins are traditionally vegetarians and follow Hindu rituals and customs closely. Akshata Murty was brought up in a devout Hindu household and follows the religious traditions diligently.

She can often be seen wearing traditional Indian clothing and a bindi on her forehead, which are markers of a practising Hindu woman.

She Regularly Visits Temples and Shrines

Akshata Murty frequently makes trips to temples and places of worship around India. When visiting her parental home in Bangalore, she goes to the famous Bull Temple in the city to offer prayers. She also makes it a point to visit the Infosys campus temple when she is in town.

During major Hindu festivals like Diwali, Akshata Murty performs Lakshmi puja at her home by following all the rituals. For important occasions like the anniversary of her father’s death, she goes on a pilgrimage to holy sites like Varanasi to conduct religious ceremonies.

She Keeps a Small Temple at Her Home in the UK

Even after relocating to the UK after marrying Rishi Sunak, Akshata Murty has maintained her religious roots. The Sunak family home in London has a small temple where Murty can carry out daily worship and prayers. She also celebrates festivals like Diwali and Ganesh Chaturthi at home by following family traditions.

Her strong Hindu faith is evident from the fact that she resolved to wear only Indian outfits during the pandemic. This decision was taken out of reverence to the gods after taking a promise. She also wears a gold Shri Chakra pendant which is associated with wealth and prosperity in Hinduism.

How Her Hindu Faith Impacts Rishi Sunak

He Regularly Visits the Temple with Her

As Akshata Murty is a staunch Hindu, Rishi Sunak also accompanies her to the temple when they visit India. He is often photographed outside temples dressed in traditional Indian clothes. During important festivals, the Sunak family gets together for prayers and rituals.

For example, during Diwali 2021, Rishi Sunak lit candles outside 11 Downing Street as it was an important family tradition for Akshata. So while Sunak identifies as a practising Hindu, his observance of rituals seems to be influenced by his wife’s devout faith.

The Couple Had Two Traditional Hindu Weddings

When Akshata Murty and Rishi Sunak got married in 2009, they had two weddings – a traditional Hindu ceremony in Bangalore and a civil wedding in England. The Hindu wedding included customs like varmala, pheras around the fire and saptapadi vows.

This showed the importance given by Murty to solemnizing the marriage through proper Hindu rituals. The Indian wedding also had a reception with over 1000 guests in attendance to bless the couple.

Her Wealth and Astrology Play an Important Role

Akshata Murty belongs to an affluent business family and has inherited billions in Infosys shares. According to Hindu belief, the kundli or astrological chart is matched before marriage to ensure compatibility.

So Akshata’s wealth and kundli were likely major considerations for the couple before their alliance was fixed. Her fortune also allows Rishi Sunak to lead a lavish lifestyle as one of the richest members of Parliament.


In summary, Akshata Murty hails from a traditional Hindu family and continues to practise her faith sincerely after marriage. Her devotion to Hinduism has clearly left its impact on Rishi Sunak who also partakes in prayers, rituals and visits to the temple.

Their joint celebration of festivals like Diwali offers a visible symbol of their shared religion and its importance in their home life as a couple.

FAQs about Akshata Murty’s Religion

What caste does Akshata Murty belong to?

Akshata Murty belongs to the Gaud Saraswat Brahmin community, which are a group of high caste Hindus originating from the Konkan region of India. They are vegetarians who strictly adhere to Hindu rituals.

What kind of education did she have in her early years?

She studied in an all-girls Christian school called Good Shepherd International School in Bangalore up till class 8. For 9th and 10th grade she switched to the prestigious Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan school in Chennai.

Does Akshata Murty have British citizenship?

No, Akshata Murty is an Indian citizen and holds a visa to stay in the UK through her marriage to Rishi Sunak. She does not currently hold British citizenship.

Why did her tax status create controversy for Rishi Sunak?

Since Akshata Murty has non-domiciled status in the UK, she could legally avoid paying taxes on her foreign income from Infosys shares. This led to allegations of tax avoidance since Rishi Sunak was raising taxes for UK residents.

What is the estimated net worth of Akshata Murty?

Akshata Murty has an estimated net worth of £690 million derived primarily from the over 0.9% stake she holds in her father’s company Infosys. This makes her one of the wealthiest women in Britain.

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